Sprinkler Repair

                        Irrigation System


  • Sprinkler repair  & Install
  • Valve repair or replacement
  • Leaks
  • Irrigation Troubleshooting
  • Shrub planting
  • Drainage
  • Timers  


         We serve for many years in Encinitas,CA.  Oceanside,CA. and around  free estimate. Professional Work.

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installing new pipes for new valves

Drainage repair HTML

Replace old timer for a new one add or take off valves

  • replace cables

  • new timer

                                          Drip System 

Is the solution if you want to save water, with drip system no more waste water 

add it directly to your plants. We can help you installing, repair, all where you

need water , just let me help you  with you drip system.